September 13, 2017

Hello parents and students,

Today we started math 🙂 This year we will be using the Jump Math book(s) for most of our math program. Since the books are not yet at school, I gave the students a photocopy for today. Please take the opportunity to help/review with your child the concepts discussed/learned in class. Also, it is always a good habit to check over math homework at home (even if competed in class) just to make sure things are going well. Thanks!

Keep all of the forms coming to me… I am happy with the progress so far… way to go parents!!! The students loved to hear me say that you have homework too 🙂

Today I sent home September scholastic book orders. This is an optional book ordering program but from the sales we get coupons to use for the class. September Scholastic orders will be due no later than Tuesday, September 19.

Have a wonderful evening!

Mr. Meyer


Math – Jump Math Package #1 p. 1-4 – Thursday

Study for Spelling Test #1 – Friday

School/Jiu Jitsu/Agenda Forms and # – ASAP