June 21, 2017

Hello Parents and Students,

Yesterday we had a great trip to Cultas Lake Waterpark. Although the weather was a bit wet at times, the students seemed to have a fun time!

The year is quickly coming to an end. As the final day approaches we will be doing a lot of fun activities in and out of the classroom. Today, for example, we played some California kickball with Mr. Choi’s grade 7 class. Tomorrow I am asking the students to bring some board games so we can demonstrate probability in games.

As I have mentioned before in posts, please talk to your child about behaviour as the summer approaches. I have noticed (as have supervision aides) that many students are beginning to form a big group, and that their behaviours in such a larger group are not always kind and/or appropriate. What I have noticed is that students are trying to stand-out/impress the large group and in doing so they are acting in a less than friendly way. Also, with hormones and ‘crushes’ peaking, the students are really trying to get the attention of each other. I would like to make the end of year as relaxed as possible but when behaviours do not meet my expectations then I need to re-think our final activities. Please talk with your child about their behaviours at the end of the year… what they see, what their role might be, and how they can help. Sometimes a reminder from a parent at this time can really help! Thank you!

*** Please make sure you have a calculator for tomorrow’s Grade 6 assessment ***

Have a wonderful evening!

Mr. Meyer


Study for the Grade 6 Math Assessment – Thursday

Grid Art – Friday

Spelling Test – Friday