June 13, 2017

Hello Parents and Students,

Today we finished our final Mr. Meyer math test of the year 🙂 Next week we will have a grade 6 math assessment… this is a district assessment that all grade 6 students will complete across North Vancouver… so leading up to the assessment, we will be reviewing concepts learned throughout the school year.

I want to take this opportunity to remind parents again to be constantly checking what your child is doing on their phones, computers, and/or social media platforms. I had a report today from a parent that students may not be using their internet connections in a positive manner outside of school. As I told the students, much of what they do online is traceable and can land them in trouble if they are not being appropriate online. And, at the end of the day parents, as the adults paying for the internet services, can be held accountable for online problems as well. Just passing on some information and thoughts. Next year the school will be bringing in a wonderful district speaker to talk about internet safety, and providing useful advice to both students and parents. Thanks for checking-in with your young ones!

Finally, tomorrow students will be coming home with an envelope containing a self-evaluation form/project inside. This is a new part of the curriculum in which the students are being asked to evaluate themselves related to the core competencies. Most intermediate teachers chose social responsibility as the area we wanted the students to self-assess. As such, the students created a poster with their ideas around social responsibility, and then they discussed the areas of social responsibility that they feel they do well, and those areas that they feel they need to work on. Interesting self-evaluation comments and I invite all parents to discuss them as a family.

Have a wonderful evening!

Mr. Meyer

*** A reminder that grade 6 immunizations are this Thursday for those students whose parents completed the paperwork earlier in the year… the office would have more information if you have any questions ***