June 7, 2017

Hello Parents and Students,

Today we had two amazing POI presentations… one on competitive swimming and the other on Hawaii… well done!!!

For those that have not yet presented, please use today’s presentations as a good example, and practice and be ready for tomorrow or Friday.

A reminder that we have a probability math test on Tuesday, June 13!!!. Tomorrow we will finish the unit so students can be preparing right now!!!

Finally, next week a self-evaluation document will be coming home with students. The students will be reflecting on their social responsibility throughout the year. It should be interesting for parents to read. On that social responsibility note, Mrs. Harris spoke with the class today because several students from our class have been breaking the rules regarding enter and exiting the building at recess and lunch. Worth a talk tonight šŸ˜‰

Have a wonderful day… only a few school days remaining until summer šŸ™‚

Mr. Meyer


Math – page 312 #1-3, page 313 # 4-7 – Thursday

Spelling Test #35 – Friday

Prepare for POI Presentations – NOW