June 1, 2017

Hello Parents and Students,

Welome to June!!! The school year is drawing to a close and it is important to remind the students that we are not done yet. We still have some important curriculum to get through in the coming days, and we still have to maintain our calm as the summer break approaches. Parents/Guardians, take this opportunity to talk with your child about the final stretch. Thanks!

I have postponed the last Project of Interest… the new due date is now on Monday. There are a few groups that I have spoken to personally and that I have provided them an extra day (Tuesday)… but for most groups, Monday is the due date 🙂 Parents, please provide an opportunity for your child to share their projects with you. Not only does presenting the project to you offer a great practice, you may also have advice on how they could improve their work. I have told the students that the presentation is a bigger part of the mark this time around, with the idea that I want the students to teach and excite their audience. Thanks!

Have a wonderful day!

Mr. Meyer


Math – page 311 – Friday

Study for Spelling Test #34 – Friday

Project of Interest – Monday