May 17, 2017

Hello Parents and Students,

A reminder that we have a geometry test tomorrow. Today I gave the students two study blocks in advance of their test. Tonight, please make sure to help your child prepare. The study topics and pages have been posted on the “Test” link for the last several days. Thanks!

Since many students were away this morning due to the Track Qualification and/or band, I gave the remaining students some time with the laptops. Some chose to work on their Project of Interests (way to go) and some chose to play games. I said they could decided knowing full-well that there are many projects on the go at the moment.

Finally, Shaya got to visit the class for an hour this morning. The students were wonderful and Shaya remarked at how awesome the class was 🙂

Happy math studying tonight!!!

Mr. Meyer


Study for Math Test – Thursday

Study for Spelling Test #32 – Friday

Get a Grid Art Picture – ASAP