May 9, 2017

Hello Parents and Students,

A reminder that today is the BC election. Polling stations will be open until 8:00 pm. Please vote if you can… and most polling stations will allow you to bring your children… a great learning opportunity ūüôā

Today I had to clamp down on the class because of lunch time behaviour. Many of the aides, passing teachers, and the students themselves, have been complaining about the over active classroom… many students are just to active and/or loud while¬†some students are just not behaving appropriately during lunch. As such, several students will be eating in another classroom for the remainder of the week. And, for the next several days, the rest of the class will be eating at their own desks (usually I let them eat at a peer’s desk). Hopefully these measures will help calm the class over the next few weeks. I realize that the end of the year is near, and Spring time hormones are in full force, but we need to¬†act appropriately for the rest of the school year. Thank you for hearing my¬†concerns and for parents talking with their child at home about how they can help the situation.

A reminder that this Friday is our Playland field trip. Parent drivers/supervisors please join us in the classroom on Friday by 9:00 so I can go over a few items. The weather is looking wet so please remember to dress accordingly.

Have a good evening!

Mr. Meyer


Science Worksheet (from Friday) – Wednesday

Mr. Streat’s Language Arts Paragraph –¬†Wednesday

Spelling Test #31 – Monday