April 28, 2017

Hello Parents and Students,

On Monday we will have our “Poetry Cafe” to celebrate the end of our poetry unit. On Monday, each student will be asked to share a few poetry selections from their packages. To make this a fun experience, and to set the mood, we will move the desks, lower the lights, and read by lamplight. Also, I will be making hot chocolate for the students to enjoy. I am asking families to help-out with our “cafe” experience by making (or purchasing) some cafe style treats (e.g. pastries, cookies, brownies, etc.). Please do not send chips, or pop as it doesn’t connect to the theme. Also, I ask that each student bring a mug on Monday for the hot chocolate. Thanks for you help, support, and treats 🙂

Please keep the Playland forms and money coming in. At this point I am still short about 6 forms. Early next week I will let you know if we have enough drivers and/or supervisors for the day… thanks!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mr. Meyer


Social Studies Posters – Monday

Bring treats for the POETRY CAFE – Monday

Look at the news/newspapers/internet for stories related to the BC election