April 6, 2017

Hello Parents and Students,

I have to be quick with my post today… I am helping some students after school with math and then I have to run to a staff meeting.

In social studies today we began our unit on poverty. The students have to write a journal entry responding to the following statement… “Poverty isn’t my problem. It doesn’t affect me.” This is a great conversation starter over the dinner table tonight. Thank you for engaging with your child about this subject 🙂

Tomorrow the students are allowed to bring their electronics to celebrate 4 weeks of relatively positive classroom behaviour. The same rules about electronics from previous times applies tomorrow. The students must have their homework complete as their “ticket” into the afternoon fun.

There is a lot of homework listed below. However, it is important to note that the class has been provided with several work periods and many, who worked productively, are done or nearly done 😉

Have a wonderful evening!

Mr. Meyer


Biography/Family Poem – Friday

Curiosity Poem – Monday

Math – page 158, 159, 160 – Friday

Science 6.1 Worksheet – Tuesday

Social Studies Journal Entry – Friday

Study for Spelling Test – Friday

Study for Math Test – Monday