March 27, 2017

Hello Parents and Students,

Welcome back!!! I trust everybody had an enjoyable Spring Break. This morning we shared stories about our time-off…I was thrilled to hear that students had a relaxing and much-deserved break with family.

The final term is finally here… and the next 14 I weeks will fly-by. Today we started our geometry unit, venturing back into Jump Math 6.1. IMPORTANT…I have asked all students to have a protractor at school no later than this Wednesday. Please help your child secure this important math equipment as I want to start measuring and constructing angles this week. Thanks!

Today I spoke to the class about a new privilege I am allowing beginning this week. On certain days/work periods I will allow the students to listen to appropriate music on either their phones or mp3 players. This will not be allowed all of the time… I will be looking for strong classroom behaviour to warrant this fun privilege. Please help your child get a pair of small, inexpensive earbuds to wear during these music times… and please take an opportunity to make, as a family, an appropriate study “playlist.” Listening to music during these periods is optional but some find it an opportunity to focus more on their work. Thanks!

Finally, many students have been forgetting their gym strip. A reminder to students (and parents) that our scheduled gym periods are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Please help your child in their gym strip preparation for those days.

Have a wonderful evening!

Mr. Meyer



Math – p. 145-147 – Tuesday

Study for Spelling Test #25 – Friday

*** Bring a PROTRACTOR *** – Wednesday