March 7, 2017

Hello Parents and Students,

A few reminders as we approach spring break…

  1. Tomorrow will be another early dismissal day. Students will dismissed at 2:00 for Parent-Teacher Interviews. Hopefully all parents were able to access the “Term 2” report cards last night. If not, please inquire and get help from the office staff or Boundary administration… they know the ins-and-outs of the new reporting program.
  2. Tomorrow the mini “Project of Interest” is due. I gave the students two extra classes in the computer lab today. Most played games at this time so my expectations are that they are done with the project, edited the project with care, and have practiced the presentation. Tonight, talk with your child about their project and have them practice their presentation for you. Thanks!
  3. A reminder that Friday is “Decades Day” at Boundary. Yesterday I posted a Word document with some pictures of 80’s fashion trends. Take a trip down memory lane and help organize an 80s outfit/hairstyle for Friday! 80s Style Examples
  4. *** Scholastic Book Orders are due on FRIDAY *** 
  5. I am still accepting pledges for the Children’s Hospital and Sea Shepard charities. Please consider sponsoring your child to do chores around your house or to help the family/community in some way. A notice about this classroom pledge idea went home several weeks ago, along with a few reminders on the website. So far, I only have 4 kids that have returned pledges to me… I am hoping for more by Friday 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

Mr. Meyer


Finish Project of Interest – Wednesday

Study for Spelling Test #24 – Friday