February 14, 2017

Hello Parents and Students,

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Just a reminder that we have a math test on Monday. I have posted the study topics in the “Test” link for you to see. Students can start studying now even though we will not finish the chapter until Thursday.

Next Wednesday we have our Science – Solar System projects due. The students will get 3 more classes periods to prepare for their presentations. I have posted the student generated brainstorming ideas for this project on the “Projects” link. Take a look.

Finally, today in science we watched a video on the Milky Way Galaxy. I have posted a link to the video in the “Fun Stuff” section for you to enjoy.

Have a wonderful evening!!!

Mr. Meyer


Math – Page 242; 243 #1-5; page 244 #1, 3, 4;  page 245 #1-3 – Wednesday

Social Studies Governance Test Corrections – Wednesday

Start Studying for Math Test – ASAP