January 16, 2017

Hello Parents and Students,

A reminder that Thursday, January 19, we have a science test on Extreme Environments (chapter 9). To help with the studying process, I have posted the answer keys to our homework. As well, I gave the students a hardcopy of the possible test questions. Finally, this afternoon I provided the students with a 50 minute block to start their studying in advance. Please make sure to help your child prepare before the test on Thursday. Thanks!

Next Monday, January 23, we will have a math test on Fractions. Please look at the “Test” link for the exact Jump Math 6.2 study pages. Again, studying in advance is important!

Finally, I have notice that some students are making poor choices in group settings over the last few days. I think a combination of peer pressure (wanting to impress and gain the attention of their peers) and early spring hormones are causing some students to be unfriendly toward others. Please have a talk about the importance of respect and empathy toward others, especially those students that might struggle to fit-in socially. For me, kindness and empathy are far more important than any academic knowledge that they might gain this year. In my opinion, the world is in desperate need of people, young and old, who can be kind, considerate, and respectful. Thanks for taking this opportunity to speak with your child about this topic.

Have a wonderful evening!

Mr. Meyer


Math – page 208, 209, 210 #7-16 – Tuesday (assigned today)

Mr. Streat’s 5 Capitalization Sentences – Tuesday (assigned last Wednesday)

Science -9.3/9.4 Worksheet – Tuesday (assigned last Thursday)

Study for Tests – NOW