November 18, 2016

Help Parents and Students,

Today I was a bit frustrated with the class. This week in particular I have noticed that the socializing during class time has increased. Also, I have noticed that many students are not completing their agenda books at the end of the day like I expect. With that said, I am asking the parents for help. Could you please do the following:

  1. Talk to your child about the importance of staying focused during class time and the importance of not distracting/socializing with peers during lessons and subject/break transition times.
  2. Starting next week I am asking parents to SIGN agenda books every night. Hopefully if we start this routine the students will get back into the habit of completing agenda books each and every day. Even though I have homework posted on the website, I cannot always update it daily… that is why the agenda entries are so important.

Thank you for your help. As I told the students this afternoon, teaching when you are constantly having to remind students of classroom expectations is tiring and frustrating. Hopefully my message, combined with you reminders, will help.

Thanks for your help.

Mr. Meyer


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