November 7, 2016

Hello Parents and Students,

Some items we are working on this week…

  1. Space Project of Interest – The projects are due next week!!! I have promised the students 4 more classes periods to finish their work before the deadline. Overall I was happy with the progress and work habits I saw today. We are trying to focus on taking notes before writing, as well as publishing the facts in note-form to avoid plagiarism.  To help your child, check-in and offer advice as we near the due date 🙂
  2. Business Letters – On Friday we talked about the format and reasons for writing a business letter. For homework I asked the students to choose a company to write to, as well as complete a “brainstorming” page. This week will begin writing our rough drafts in class.
  3. Young Entrepreneurs:PowerPlay Project – Over the next 2 weeks we will be finalizing the financial aspects of our project and will be move to looking at marketing. At this point the students should be starting to mass produce their products under your supervision.
  4. In math we will be moving ahead in Jump Math to look at rounding. Then we will move away from Jump Math for a few days to explore “order of operations.”
  5. Grid Art – most students have now selected their grid art picture and are ready to move on to the large grids. This will likely take 2 weeks to complete.

A reminder that Spelling Test #9 words are posted and the test will occur o Thursday (as Friday is the Remembrance Day holiday).

Have a wonderful evening and remember that tomorrow is the U.S. election. We have been talking about the election in class and I think it is important for students and parents to follow the election day tomorrow. Thanks!

Mr. Meyer


Math – page 87 and 89 – Tuesday

Work on POI – Due November 16, 2016

Study for Spelling Test #9 – Thursday