October 17, 2016

Hello Parents and Students,

Hope you braved the wet weekend weather.

Below is a glance at the areas we will be concentrating on this week…

Math – we are now shifting our attention to multiplication and division. These two mathematical operations can give students some trouble so please review homework at home. Also, please, please, please, practice memorizing your times tables (up to 12) at home each night. Students by grade 6 should know their times tables without the aid of a calculator or agenda book.

Science – we will continue to look at Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion. I would also like to complete a few quick experiments to further understanding.

Social Studies – We will continue to talk about “Media.” This week we will examine how the media can have social and political implications.

Language Arts – Today we read up to chapter 6 in the Hatchet. We will continue to go on an adventure with the main character, Brian Robeson, during are novel study.

Entrepreneurship and Marketing –  This week we will continue to slowly work through the PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurship booklet. Our focus will be on market research and business operations.

Please remember that this Friday is a Professional Development Day and school will not be in session.

Have a wonderful day!

Mr. Meyer


Math – page 62 #2, 3; page 63 #1; page 64 – Tuesday

Hatchet Questions – Chapter 1-5 – Wednesday