September 28, 2016

Hello Parents and Students,

Today we started our “Cereal Box” media project… the kids seemed engaged and excited. Tomorrow I will post the overview sheet that I gave the students so you can talk to them about their ideas/work in progress.

A reminder that this Friday we have our first math test (patterns and algebra). I told the students to bring home their Jump Math books to prepare. Tomorrow I will give the students a class period to study individually or in groups.

Finally, tomorrow we will begin our science unit with a focus on Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion… I am excited.

Have a wonderful day!

Mr. Meyer


Math – page 28 #1, page 29 #1, page 30 #2, page 31 #4, page 32 #1ab – Thursday

(most students finished their math in class and only need to check-over tonight) 🙂

Study for Math Test #1 – Friday