September 27, 2016

Hello Parents and Students,

Today we started our first Social Studies unit. The “Big Idea” that we are looking at is…

“Media sources can both positively and negatively affect our understanding of important events and issues.”

So, we started by looking at the question, “What is media?” Later we began to break down the different forms of media and the different parts/constructions that media uses to reach an audience. We also started to look at advertisement with the idea that we want to work toward being more “media aware.” All of this will tie in nicely to later Social Studies topics (i.e. government) and our first Applied Design unit that will look at Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Fun times 🙂

On Thursday we will begin our first science unit. In particular, the Big Idea we will focus on is…

“Newton’s three laws of motion describe the relationship between force and motion.”

*** A reminder that tomorrow is a Staff Collaboration Day and students will be dismissed at 2:00 pm. ***

Also a reminder that Friday is our first Math Test (patterns and algebra) so be sure to stay in advance. Check the “Test” link on my website for the study pages.

Have a wonderful day!

Mr. Meyer


Math – page 25 #1; page 26 #1-2; page 27 #1 – Wednesday

Study for Math Test – Friday

Study for Spelling Test #3 – Monday (words are now posted)