June 15, 2016

Hello Parents and Students,

And then there were 9…

Today we had a class meeting about the last nine days of school. We came to a few conclusions.

  1. Starting next week, our curriculum will start to wind down. As a result, we will be doing a lot of fun activities in and out of the classroom to achieve our Daily Physical Activity… weather permitting 😉
  2. As we all want to enjoy the final days (including myself) we discussed that if any student is causing disruptions during class time, they will get to do some silent reading in the hallway. Please remind your child that although the end is near, that does not mean that behaviour can get wild. Thanks.
  3. The year went by so fast!!!… which most of us attribute to the fact that we all had a fun and successful year 🙂

*** Grade 6’s… please bring a CALCULATOR to school tomorrow as you are allowed to use that tool during the District Wide Grade 6 Math Assessment ***



Grade 5 – p. 157; p.158 #1,2 – Thursday

Grade 6 – p. 151, 154 #1,2 – Thursday

Study for Spelling Test #32 – Friday