June 14, 2016

Hello Parents and Students,

OMG… 10 school days left!!!

This week our focus is to present/play our boardgames and POI projects. The students may have some geometry homework over the next few days (and spelling) but overall we are starting to wind-down with curriculum,

Next Wednesday, June 22, we will have a geometry “quest.” Students should be keeping-up with their geometry skills.

*** Please, all students need a math protractor ASAP… this is a necessary math tool for all students, and one that is usually cheap and easy to find (Staples, London Drugs, etc.). Thank you!!! ***

Have a wonderful evening 🙂

Mr. Meyer



Grade 5 – page 156 #1,2 – Wednesday

Grade 6 – page 150 #1, 3; page 153 – Wednesday

Study for Spelling Test #32