April 19, 2016

Hello Parents and Students,

Wow… what incredible weather 🙂 Today we decided to do math outside since the weather was so great… Spring and Summer in Vancouver can be glorious!!!

Today we set some test dates for the next 2 weeks. This Friday, April 22, we will have a math test that will focus on decimals (place value, comparing, converting, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing. and rounding). Next Thursday, April 28, we will have a science “quest” that will focus on the chemistry unit we have been working on (pure substances, elements, compounds, mixtures, solutions, suspensions, mechanical mixtures, separating mixtures, etc.). Please mark those dates on your calendars and study in advance 🙂

I am sure there is more information to type but my mind is blank… too much sun I guess 😉

Have a wonderful evening!

Mr. Meyer



Grade 5 – p. 244, 245, 246 – Wednesday

Grade 6 – p. 237, 239, 240 – Wednesday