March 29, 2016

Hello Parents and Students,

Welcome back!!! I hope that everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable 2-week spring break. Speaking with the students this morning I was happy to hear that many families were able to spend quality time together both at home and abroad.

With 3rd term now in full swing, I thought I would pause to let you know about our academic direction and topics over the next few weeks…

Math – Decimals

Science – Chemistry

Art – Grid Art

Gym – Gymnastics

Language Arts – Grammar and Paragraph Writing

Health and Career Planning – Healthy Living

I am looking forward to our final few months together as a class… I feel that every students has made important academic and social gains already this year and the third term will fortify these areas of improvement.

Have a wonderful evening 🙂

Mr. Meyer



Grade 5 – page 223, 224, 225 – Wednesday

Grade 6 – page 217, 218, 219 – Wednesday

Language Arts – Study for Spelling Test #21