February 11, 2016

Hello Parents and Students,

Today was our last day of square dancing 😦 This students had a blast and most were sad to see the final session end. For the last dance the “caller” had the students “sashay” down the line with the opposite gender… I was surprised to see how many students still believe in “cooties.”

A reminder to check the “Test” and “Project” link for information and study materials related to our tests/projects next week. I told the students that next week is the final big push before term 2 comes to an official end. Please keep-up the studying over the weekend!

Have a wonderful day!

Mr. M



Grade 5 – page 187-190 – Friday

Grade 6 – page 178 – Friday

Science – 7.2 Worksheet – Tuesday

Language Arts – Study for Spelling Test #17 – Friday