February 1, 2016

Hello Parents and Students,

Welcome to February!!! This usually marks the half-way point for the school year… wow how the year is flying!!!

A reminder that his Friday, February 5, is a Professional Development Day and school will not be in session. Also, Monday is B.C. Family Day, so school will be off that day as well 🙂

Here is what is happening in class this week…

Language Arts – This week we are completing our first short story of the year. First Drafts are due on Wednesday… and there rest of the week we will complete some peer-editing before finalizing our stories and artwork.

Math – As mentioned last week, we have now started working in Jump Math 5.2/6.2. Over the next few weeks we will re-explore patterns and algebra.

Science – Over the next few weeks we will be learning about electricity. On Friday we started playing with circuits and by the end of this I hope the students can build a series circuit and a parallel circuit.

Health and Career Planning – Last week we started thinking about “Careers of Interest.” This week I hope to start some type of project related to this topic (although I have not decided yet what that project might be).

Enjoy the sunny weather!

Mr. Meyer



Grade 5 – page 177 and 178 – Tuesday

Grade 6 – page 177 and 179 – Tuesday

Language Arts – Work on Short Stories – Wednesday

Study for Spelling Test #16 – Thursday

Science – Worksheet (assigned on Thursday) – Tuesday