January 29, 2016

Hello Parents and Students,

My apologies for not posting homework yesterday… I was away trying to get my voice back 😦

Today we started in our new Jump Math books (5.2 and 6.2)… The students are excited about the new books 🙂

A reminder that short stories are due next week (Wednesday). Students can now work on their stories and artwork at home over the weekend if they feel they will not finish in the classroom time remaining (the students will get a class on Monday an Tuesday in the computer lab).

Following up with hour-of-code, Today I showed the class some old NES games on the projector. We discussed how coding has changed over the years and how the advancement in video game realism has increased dramatically!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mr. Meyer



Grade 5 – page 175-176 – Monday

Grade 6 – page 175-176 – Monday

Science –  Worksheet – tuesday

Language Arts – Work on Short Stories – Wednesday