January 12. 2016

Hello Parents and Students,

My apologies for not posting yesterday… I was away dealing with a minor medical issue 😦

Today we spent time reviewing bar graphs. I think the students had some difficulty with the bar graph worksheet that was provided yesterday… so, we went over the answers carefully together. Although there is no math homework tonight, I do highly recommend that parents review the requirements of a bar graph with your child this evening. Thanks!

Today in Language Arts we read some First Nations short stories. Tomorrow we will begin our own writing journey that will culminate with a wonderful (hopefully illustrated) student short story 🙂

In science we our continuing to look at electricity. Yesterday during my absence, the students learned about Static Electricity.

The tennis program started today in the gym 🙂 We will have 4 tennis classes in total over the next two weeks… fun, fun, fun!!!

Finally, as I mentioned last week (I think), our class won the Climate Change Showdown!!! As a result of our hard work and enviromentally friendly actions, we will get a pizza party on Friday @ 11:30 🙂 🙂 To continue our environmentally friendly actions, I am asking students to bring a reusable plate and cup for the pizza party to reduce waste. While pizza and drinks will be provided, I do recommend still bringing a lunch or larger snack as it is not all-you-can-eat pizza and some students may still be hungry for 12:00 😉

Have a wonderful evening!!!


Science – Static Electricity Worksheet – Thursday

Language Arts – Study for Spelling Test #13

– pick a short story genre