December 15, 2015

Hello Parents and Students,

Tomorrow our first “Project of Interest” is due. Students had one more work period this morning to polish their projects. We will begin the presentations on Thursday and continue through until Friday.

I am trying to keep the homework load light this week. Most students finished their math and science homework in the class time provided. Please remember to check-in with your child if they have completed their homework to make sure they did a quality job. Thanks!

*** A reminder that this Friday is a Star Wars/Christmas spirit day at Boundary organized by the student council. Students can wear clothing related to Star Wars, Christmas, or both. Please, no lightsabers 🙂


Math (from the grade 5 text) – Page 128, 129, 130, 131 (no notebook questions) – Wednesday

Science – Worksheet – Thursday

Study for Spelling Test #12