December 4, 2015

Hello Parents and Students,

Today Term 1 Report Cards will be coming home with students 🙂 I wanted to take this opportunity to remind students and parents of a few things…

  1. It is not uncommon for grades to be lower in Term 1 this year vs. Term 3 of the previous year. This is common due to new classroom expectations, getting familiar with a new teacher, as well as the curriculum getting harder.
  2. Please read the front of the Report Card to familiarize yourself with grades and how grades relate/connect to the word explanations… it is important to understand what  A, B, C+, C, C- means.
  3. Report Card Letter Grades
  4.  Be proud of the Report Cards… highlight the areas of strength and talk about the areas that need improvement.

Overall I was very pleased with the report cards and efforts this term! As a class I hope we can build on our strengths and continue to improve over the next two terms.

*** In the Report Card envelopes is a notice about a Tennis program that is coming to Boundary. I am hoping to get permission forms and money for this event by the end of next week… thanks ***


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