November 6, 2015

Hello Parents and Students,

First, I would like to thank parents for their responses to the “Mid-Term” observations letter I sent home yesterday. I received many positive responses from parents about my observations and about the great talks they had with their children. Thank you for all of your support!

I also need to thank two parents (they know who they are), who stepped-up today and helped the class with our walking field trip problem. This morning I was informed that the Educational Assistant (EA) that was supposed to walk with us to Lynn Valley Library was away and not replaced. Thanks to these two parents, I was able to organize an adult replacement. Thank you again to my ‘field trip heroes’ 🙂

The presentation at the Lynn Valley Library was amazing! Canadian author Hugh Brewster gave several intermediate classes a history lesson about World War 2, and Canada’s involvement and sacrifices. The lesson was a perfect lesson with Remembrance Day occurring next week.

Today the students will be coming home with some information about the Climate Change Showdown… I will post more information next week, but for now, as your child to go over the sheet/information with you.

*** There will be a Division Quiz on Thursday, November 12; a Science Test on Tuesday, November 17 (Grade 5 – chapter 9; Grade 6 – chapter 10); and a Math Test on Number Sense on Thursday, November 19… More information will come next week but I thought I would give students and parents a early heads-up 🙂 ***

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Science – Worksheet – Tuesday (see yesterday’s post)