November 5, 2015

Hello Parents and Students,

*** An important notice will be coming home with the students tonight. I have put together a checklist of observations that I have made this term with regards to your child’s work habits. This checklist is meant to open-up dialogue with you and your child about areas where the students can improve to reach their full academic potential. The checklist is not meant to highlight major problems. Instead, the checklist is meant to remind parents/students that there are areas to consider moving forward in Term 1. Hopefully you find this information useful as we complete the second half of the term. We will talk more in early December during Parent-Teacher interviews. If any major issues arise I will be sure to contact you immediately. Thank you for your support! ***

*** Tomorrow afternoon we will be going on a walking field-trip to Lynn Valley Library. Please make sure to dress for the weather as we will be walking rain or shine ***



Grade 5 – page 94 and 95 – Friday

Grade 6 – page 81 and 82 – Friday

Language Arts – Simile Poem – Good Copy – Friday

Science – Worksheets – Tuesday

Grade 5 Science Page 185

Grade 6 Science Page 197