October 28, 2015

Hello Parents and Students,

A reminder that this Friday I am allowing students to bring small electronics to school (e.g. gameboys, iPads). In the morning I will lock the electronics in my file cabinet. In the afternoon, I will bring-out  the devices and allow the students to play appropriate games that do not require internet access. The students are also allowed to bring snacks that afternoon… I have talked to the students about bringing a SMALL snack, as excess junk will be put away. Thanks!

Tomorrow I will be posting information about Bella Ceramica. This is an optional/pay art activity that I would like to do at the end of the month if I have enough interested students/parents. So, look for more information to come tomorrow or Friday.

Have a wonderful evening 🙂

Mr. M



2-digit by 2-digit multiplication package – up to at least page 12 – Thursday

Language Arts

Study for Spelling Test #5