October 15, 2015

Hello Parents and Students,

My apologies for not posting homework yesterday… I was away ill.

A reminder that tomorrow is the Student Vote for the intermediate students. I encourage each family to continue talking about Canadian politics, the Federal parties (and their platforms), and the local North Vancouver candidates. Thanks for helping the students become informed citizens 🙂

Tomorrow we will be doing some digital photography in class. While we do have a few digital cameras for students to share, tomorrow I am allowing students to bring their own digital cameras from home. I will lock the cameras in my file cabinet for safe keeping throughout the day. If the home cameras have an SD memory card, great… if not, please send a usb camera connection so I can get their photos onto my computer.

*** Today we had an earthquake drill at school. This would be a great time for students and parents to discuss their own earthquake plans. As I told the students today, the Vancouver area is overdue for a major earthquake… being prepared at school and at home is of vital importance. Use our school drill as a “teaching-moment” to get prepared in your own homes!!! ***

Below is a list of websites that Mr. Prevette wanted me to post for the Grade 5 socials studies… Enjoy 🙂

Why is it so Hot Near the Equator? | Mocomi Kids

Climate zones of the world for kids and Affecting Factors


Longitude and Latitude song




Grade 5 – Worksheet (p. 176-179) – Friday

Grade 6 – Worksheet (p. 185-187) – Friday

Language Arts – Study for Spelling Test #3 – Friday