Hello Parents!

Welcome to Mr. Meyer’s website. This site is designed to help with student, parent, and teacher communication. It is also my hope that viewing this site regularly will allow you to experience what is happening in the classroom as well as providing you with the knowledge and tools to help further your child’s education. So, PLEASE, check-in daily!

Homework Page – This will likely be the most viewed page on the site. This page will be updated daily to reflect the homework that students should be working on after school as well as important school and/or classroom announcements.

Test Page – This page will list the dates of approaching quizzes and tests. This page will also provide important information such as test study topics and (sometimes) possible test questions.

Project Page – This page will list the projects currently underway in class. This page will also provide important information such as due dates, project criteria, and evaluation rubrics.

Calendar Page – This gives you a list of important dates to mark-down on your personal calendars at home. Please check the Boundary website for other important calendar dates!

Student Work – Your children produce amazing work! To celebrate their accomplishments, pictures will be added to the page for your viewing.


Fun Stuff – This page gives you links to items that I think the students may find interesting and/or funny. Enjoy!

Jump Math – Click on this link if you need to print-out any math homework pages. This link is useful for forgetful students and/or those students absent from school.

I will try to update the website as much as possible. However, please realize that staying up-to-date with a website is extremely time-consuming. With that in mind, remember that this site is designed to help with teacher-parent communication but is not intended to be the only form of communication. The class will continue to use agenda books and I will still communicate with you via phone or email when needed.

Mr. Meyer


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